Hotel Central,Valdepe–as (Ciudad Real), ciudad del vino, habitaciones insonorizadas con todas las comodidades actuales, para vacaciones, viajes de negocios, ocio, cultura, gastronomia.


Originally the main Madrid - Cįdiz N IV road ran straight through Valdepeńas from North to South.

Nowadays the old route is the most important centre of communication of the town called "Seis de Junio" and popularly named "Calle Ancha". Half way down this street, running perpendicularly you can find "Calle Capitįn Fillol" which connects up with the "Paseo de la Estación".

The Hotel Central is situated in "Capitįn Fillol" street, number 4, just 20 metres from "Calle Seis de Junio".

If however, you have any difficulty locating us, anyone can tell you where we are as the Hotel Central is very well known to everyone locally.